Stages of Faith
신앙의 발달 단계

“Stage of Faith”

James Fowler’s Stages of Faith is worthy of being called an emerging classic. Despite the fact that it has been just a couple of decades since the book first appeared, Fowler’s theory of the so-called ‘faith development,’ or even ‘spiritual development’ has drawn as many supporters as its critics. In particular, it has brought about considerable ripple effects among practical theological circles including pastoral theology and counseling, congregational studies, Christian and religious education, and etc.

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신앙의 발달 단계”

Imagining the Kingdom
하나님 나라 상상하기

“Imagining the Kingdom”

Imagining the Kingdom is at once a commendable and challenging book that leaves the reader with some questions, both positive and negative ones, to ponder further. James K.A. Smith, author of the book, approaches the topic of Christian formation as a professional philosopher who identifies himself in the Protestant Reformed camp. In fact, the book’s argument evinces its explicitly Calvinistic overtones throughout, especially in the last chapter. While the book’s apparently Reformed theological orientation at times may make some of its readers from non-Reformed theological camps uncomfortable, Smith nevertheless displays two commendable virtues.

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하나님 나라 상상하기”

Fieldwork in Theology
신학적 현장 연구

“Fieldwork in Theology”

『신학적 현장 연구』(Fieldwork in Theology)의 저자 크리스천 샤른(Christian Scharen)은 요즘 한창 떠오르고 있는 소위 신학적 민족지학(theological ethnography)의 선두 주자이자, 기독교 교리, 특히 교회론을 접근하는 데 현장 연구의 필요성을 역설하는 Ecclesiology and Ethnography Network라는 그룹에서 활발하게 활동하고 있습니다. 그는 신학생, 연구자, 학자, 목회자를 대상으로 자신의 신학적 민족지학에 큰 영감이 되어준 피에르 부르디외(Pierre Bourdieu)의 민족지학적 연구를 살펴봅니다. 이 책은 부르디외의 사회 과학적 현장 연구가 어떻게 신학적으로 차용될 수 있는지에 대한 관심뿐 아니라, 부르디외라는 사상가에 대해서 간략하게나마 소개를 원하는 분들에게 유용할 것 같습니다.

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신학적 현장 연구”